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Investment Philosophy 

The bedrock of our investment philosophy is in the time-tested tenets of Asset Allocation, Patience, and Discipline.

At Jax Wealth the guiding mantra of our investment philosophy is Lifetime Investing: We believe our client's investment portfolios should be managed to last as long as life and breath. We are not speculators or market timers.

Asset Allocation

A way to diversify your investments to match your timeframe, risk tolerance and investment objectives. 


Investment management is a long term, ongoing process. Results are measured over years, not months. When disruptive economic and market events occur, we can be found with our clients sharing perspective, historical reference, encouragement, and opportunities. We work with clients to foster an attitude of calmness and fortitude.


We believe your portfolio should be managed to the beat of your personal financial plan, not the market. We also strive to foster an investor spirit within our clients and love it when our clients begin thinking like investors!

What does it take to be an investor? Jax Wealth Owner and Founder Daniel Ciez says that “Most people think and act as consumers. We work with our clients to think and act as investors. When smartphones came out, did you buy an iPhone or did you buy Apple stock?”

No strategy including asset allocation can ensure a profit or protect against a loss.

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